Designer and Animator

Designer and Animator


I’ve recently enrolled in the Animation Mentor program and will be updating this website with my work along with my previous designs and animations.

About Me

A few things about me from my love of the Simpsons, my hatred of McDonald's, to my obsessions with zombies.

About Me

Part zombie expert; part ‘Nothing But Synth’ band member; part karaoke rapper; when the kids in the playground wanted to be Schwartenegger, I wanted to be Marty McFly; Full Geek. Will work for food.

I was born at a very young age in Australia in 1980 and I’m proud to be one of the very few Greeks to have left home before the age of 40. I’ve been living in London since 2006 and have aspirations of being a 3D animator in the film industry. I’m also a champion thumb wrestler.

When I offer people chocolate, I offer the flavours I don’t like. I’m a passionate Liverpool supporter and tend to rant a lot when we lose and when I see a McDonald’s sign. I love all things Simpsons.

Do you want to change your name to Homer Junior? The kids can call you Ho-Ju.

Just once I’d like someone to call me ‘Sir’ without adding ‘You’re making a scene.’

I also like to think that I’m well prepared for an eventual zombie apocalypse. I’d be thoroughly disappointed if I don’t make it past the first day.


Portfolio / Inspiration

Some work I have done over the years and all future work. I get inspiration from everything around me and it translates into all my designs and animations.

  • Showreel 2014

    Showreel 2014

    Animation, Portfolio

    Showreel coming out of Animation Mentor. All animation and lighting done by me. Special thanks to the people who taught me – Nancy Kato, Matthew Garward, Dimos Vrysellas, Jay Jackson, Keith Sintay and Sean Sexton and Animation Mentor. Music from Addict Sound – I Feel Good All rigs provided by Animation Mentor

    details preview preview
  • I want my son

    I want my son

    Animation, Portfolio

    My Class 5 test for Animation Mentor

    details preview preview
  • Couch


    Animation, Portfolio

    Couch featuring Stan from Animation Mentor

    details preview preview
  • Animation Class 3 Progress Reel

    Animation Class 3 Progress Reel

    Animation, Portfolio

    Class 3 Animation Progress Reel

    details preview preview
  • Updated Animation Progress Reel

    Updated Animation Progress Reel

    Animation, Portfolio

    Updated Class 2 Progress Reel

    details preview preview
  • Animation Progress Reel

    Animation Progress Reel

    Animation, Portfolio

    Finally the end of class 1 and here is my progress reel.

    details preview preview
  • Single Page Full Width Web Design

    Single Page Full Width Web Design

    Portfolio, Web Design

    An example of a single page, full width website

    details preview preview preview preview preview preview


Primarily the challenges involved in my animation studies amongst other things. No doubt there will be ranting within this section.

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